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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is important in every home and office — wherever we spend time indoors. There are many benefits of good indoor air quality— from the health of our loved ones to the quality of our work environment. Indoor air quality promotes good employee - employer relationships, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and creates a safe and healthy workplace. IET conducts a complete physical of your home or office as a means to investigate and test building-related health concerns, or to take a proactive approach, addressing due diligence in the commercial arena to help assure good indoor air quality and compliance as needed.

Air Medic has been performing indoor air quality testing for years with thousands of satisfied clients in the commercial, residential, health care, and education field found in the entire Wilmington, NC area.

Checking & Maintenance

Air Medic are experts in creating the best breathable air inside your home or business. And if you’re not sure whether the indoor air you’re breathing is impacted by leaky ducts, we can help with that too.


Air Medic offers top notch service technicians and professional services.


Breath easy knowing that your indoor air quality is greatly improved.


We guarantee the services that we provide and customer satisfaction.